My mom’s name was Virginia and she was sadly taken from me due to wanting to break up with her boyfriend. She was 19 when she had me and had recently started a new job to support us and wanted to leave her boyfriend.
She went to pack her stuff when she thought he wouldnt be there. Unfortunately he was home and started to argue with her. It turned into more then an argument and she was stabbed over 50 times and left to die while he ran away from the scene. When she was found it was too late.
He was found miles away and claimed he had no recollection of stabbing her thought he was punching her the whole time.
She was 20 years old and had a 8 month old daughter who now had no mother.
He was charged with 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 15 years to life but ended up in jail for 38 years. About 2 years ago he was released.
He is allowed to to live a normal full life with his family while my mother does not.
Many lives will forever be changed all because of a break up and someone who couldn’t let go.
I still had my grandma who raised me as best as she could and felt lucky to be with her. She instilled as much as she could abt my mom into me and i think she did an amazing job. Im sure it was hard as she was grieving the loss of her daughter and now had her baby to raise. She could have decided not to but she choose to do what she did. I will forever be grateful to my grandma for that.
Its always a struggle having lost someone so violently but I try not to let it cause me to be angry and attempt to keep my moms life in my heart as ofter as I can. She will always be with me just not physically here. Although I have no memories of my own I know there are many people who loved her and she loved them to the fullest during her short time.💜
Treesa Marie